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Blu-ray to DVD is intended to convert BD to DVD easily (See all)

Some people say Blu-ray discs will substitute DVDs in time. A single-layer BD may store around 25 Gb, which means six hours of high definition video. This is much more than what a DVD can store and, consequently, Blu-ray discs boast better image quality, better sound quality, and more special features. However, BDs are definitely much more expensive than DVDs.
Blu-ray to DVD Converter may help convert Blu-ray movies to DVD. This way you will be able to watch your favorite movies with standard DVD equipment. The interface is so simple there is no way you can get lost. There are only a few steps necessary to do the entire job. The first step will be selecting the source data, which may be loaded from an actual DBD, a folder or an ISO image. The second step requires selecting the TV system, aspect ratio and size for the target DVD. After this, you will be ready to start converting. In this respect, the results of the conversion can be directly burned to a DVD or saved to a folder. Additional options will allow you to decide on such aspects as the DVD menu, audio parameters, video quality and chapter structure.
Now let us talk about what is behind Blu-ray to DVD Converter’s interface. This application uses state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee the conversion process done with the highest compatibility, quality and speed possible. Compatibility and quality are preserved by using an image filter that is capable of converting from high definition into standard definition without unnecessary quality loss. High-speed conversion is the result of this application being optimized to use multi-core processor capabilities in full.

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